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The Business Party [powered by Keyy]

Let's grow our careers and businesses together.

A free business book club for growth-minded individuals
who want to learn, share, and grow together.

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How our business book club works

Our business book club is a relaxed and fun-loving group aimed at fostering our growth as business professionals. We're all about accountability, mutual development, and above all, fun!

  • Participants complete a self-assessment to help us pick good-fit books based on the skills members want to improve in. 

  • Books will be available in paperback, audio, and Kindle formats. We may also pick other forms of content like webinars, podcasts, or conference talks. 

  • Twice per quarter, we host a live virtual meetup to discuss the content, connect, and have fun. No worries if you can't attend live; we will record and discuss in the comments. 

  • In between meetups, we share related content and discuss it in our online community. 

We're excited to learn and grow together. 
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It is not required to attend the meetups live; however, we do find members gain more value when they do.

We want to make our club as accessible as possible and understand that time zones can be challenging and life happens. All meetups will be recorded and posted within our community to watch and comment on-demand.

Yes! We will do our best to select books with multiple formats: paperback, audio, and Kindle. To help ensure the club is accessible to all, we want members to be able to pick the format that works best for them.

Plan to invest 1 - 1.5 hours weekly into the business book club. This includes reading time, attending two live meetups, and participating in the community.

Additional context: Typically, we pick one 100-300 page book per quarter, which takes an average of 3-8 hours or 45 minutes per week. We host two 60-minute Zoom meetups per quarter and 15-30 minutes weekly to participate in our community actively.

We aim to make this business book club as valuable to readers as possible. To do this, we let members inform the content we pick each quarter.

Members complete a self-assessment of their skills, goals, and interests. The results of these assessments inform the topic we choose to focus on for the quarter. Additionally, members can suggest books for the group.

Yes - We will choose content formats outside books; webinars, podcasts, recorded talks, blogs, etc. Sometimes we consume this content instead of a book, and sometimes this content complements the book we're reading.

All that said, we're always open to ideas and happy to focus on any content format that enables discussion, learning, and growth.

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